Trello – Simple, visual, project and task management

Trello Board Example

Trello Board Example

Last year I discovered a brilliant web based project and task management tool called Trello. It completely transformed the way I run my business on a day to day basis.

Usually tools or programs used to track projects and tasks can be pretty daunting and in my experience a little bit overkill. Trello simplifies project management by using “Boards”, “Lists” and “Cards”. It’s a very visual approach and one that works. Many of my clients use Trello based on my recommendation.

Boards – Think of a board as a place you can store and visualise your entire project very quickly.

List – You can create as many lists within your board as you like. Think of your project board organised in to columns, each column is a list and each list contains any number of cards.

Cards – You add individual cards to a list. A card is usually a project task. You can assign specific board members to a card. You can upload images and create checklists to each card. You can also have discussions and collaborate with other members assigned to a card within the card itself.

The idea is to drag and drop cards between lists. Each list can be a stage in your project.

Trello is so simple to use, I recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business or if you’re building a house, it suits anyone. It’s also Free!

I’ve only touched on the basic features of Trello in this article, it offers so much more.

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